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Seesmic Look has major potential for sports fans

I've always advocated the use of Twitter for commentary during a sporting event. I'm sure there are others who don't agree but I think beat writers and bloggers provide a deeper and more entertaining level of analysis than the jocks/talking heads who use volume, not reason, to make a stronger point. But Twitter is still foreign to most people and even those who are on it may not use it with a great amount of depth.

The more you put into Twitter by creating groups and running searches on teams, games and players, the more you get out of it. Well, some people don't want to put that much effort into it. Seesmic Look enters stage right.

Seismic Look has the potential to bring Twitter, at least from a casual perspective, to a much wider audience.

A big part of the Look pitch is that you don't have to log in to Twitter to use it, reinforcing the point that it's designed for lurkers. It's a lean-back TV-watching experience for what most geeks think of as a highly participatory platform. But Look doesn't do a anything that does not do itself. It won't show you tweets that you wouldn't seen on a Twitter client like Seesmic or Tweetdeck. It's just a more approachable way to watch the Twitter world go by, without being reminded that you're not actually contributing.

Seesmic has its own categorized list of recommended accounts to follow in Look, and the company is also offering special channels to paid brand partners, like Red Bull. There's a search function, if you want to track a topic that's not in the category list.

Glancing at Twitter from time-to-time takes no amount of technological prowess. Anyone with the proper hardware should have no difficulty using this program. But not only does this program open the door for casual obververs to access Twitter, it gives content providers access to a whole new group of people. Any sports outlet could put together a group of writers worth following and provide them in Twitter list form for someone sitting at home to follow on their tablet.

This will be fun to watch. If the application and the touch devices it will supposedly run on take off, this could have a big impact.

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