Fake Twitter account Ken Rosenthai gets scoop on Cliff Lee to Phillies

As we've seen with many incidents in the past, it doesn't take a lot to in today's age to get a rumor rolling. A little more than a year ago, social media fueled a completely false Bret Bielema to Notre Dame story, only after Twitter exploded at every mention of Bob Stoops. This year, it's baseball's turn to completely lose its mind because of Twitter.

Now, one would think we'd all become a bit more sophisticated, capable of detecting what's real or what's fake. We, at the very least, should know better—we shouldn't get carried away because a single sourceless entity says something is so. Well, that's not the case. Now we're getting thrown off by single letters. 

Most in-tune baseball fans know that Ken Rosenthal is a legitmate reporter. He writes for FoxSports.com and, usually, is somewone we can trust. As a result, when we see something like that image above, or the same text come across on Tweetdeck or some other program, we'll trust it.

Then there was this fantastic catch to the supposed 'scoop':

The funniest part was that the true story broke just fifteen minutes later, with the first legitimate report coming from Dallas Morning News columnist Evan Grant.

Good stuff.

Also, this isn't the first time a mis-capitalized letter sent everyone into a tizzy. This tweet by Sl_JonHeyman, with the 'I' actually being a lower-case 'L', caused an uproar a few days ago:

There's at least one more I've seen as this fake TIGERWOODS account led everyone to believe the real Tiger had become a victim of hacking. Not the case, just another lower-case 'L'.

So, as is always the case, be careful when getting excited about information on Twitter. I am as far from one of those "Don't trust them interwebs!" people as could be, but it's worth seeing if there's more than one person reporting the news. Also, if you're wondering how the hell something that big could slip past your timeline despite following the individual, as I did with all the Tweets mentioned above, it's probably due to a fake account.

With all of that said, well-played random individual with too much time on your hands. You keep us honest.

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