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FOX's in-game music: what the hell was that?

Part of my job at LexBlog, a company that works with lawyers and law firms on social media, includes communicating with attorneys on blog designs. As anyone who's worked in web design knows, it's not the easiest process. I've never designed a site myself, but simply managed the project and acted as an intermediary between our creative team and the client. It's an odd process because, while they are coming to you for your expertise, they also have an idea of what they want. Attorneys, being very strong-willed, often times end up getting what they want. So, often times, ideas will be pushed that aren't necessarily the best ideas, or ones with even a consensus agreement behind them, but just because of certain interpersonal dynamics at play.

Now, I've seen some odd ideas and requests, often-times derived from things viewed on other sites. That said, none of ideas I've come across were as bizarre and unnecessary as FOX's decision to add in-game music to their Seahawks - 49ers broadcast. Why do I relate the two? Because running cheesy over-dramaticized music came out of nowhere and the over/under on how many people thought was a good idea is right at 1.5. This, as I said, is much worse than anything I've seen.

The video:

I feel like a full investigation should be done into who, exactly, thought this was a good idea and who else let them unleash this on the general public. What was the thought process behind it?

"Hey, you know how movies have, like, music in the background?"
"Well, why don't we do that? Why don't sports have music all the time? I mean, NFL Films even does it sometimes."
"Sir, that's a little different. I mean, this is live. We're not going to have near the amount of editing or coordination required to have this not look ridiculous."
"Can't we just try this and see what it looks like? I mean, it's worth a shot."
"it's really not though...I mean, it's live football. This has no chance of working out."
"Let's just try it. It could add something."
"It won't though, I mean—"
"We're doing it."
"Start picking out the music.

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