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Cubs vs Red Sox -- The greatest World Series there never was, broadcast on Twitter

I've been fortunate enough in my life that I haven't experienced a great deal of tragedy. For that, I'm both lucky and thankful. With that acknowledgement made—I want everyone to understand I'm fully aware how ridiculous this is—the day the Chicago Cubs were defeated by the Florida Marlins in Game 7 of the 2003 NLCS remains one of the saddest of my life. I was in disbelief. After game 5, and a 3-1 series lead, an NL pennant seemed inevitable. Honestly, I just about completely broke down. I couldn't deal.

With that said, my history made what I stumbled across late last night all that much better. This may have been the single greatest thing I've ever seen on Twitter.

Grey, of blog Tiger Transactions (or Twitter user spacemnkymafia) has decided to recreate and call the 2003 World Series as if the Cubs and Red Sox and pulled out their respective Game 7s. To recreate the games, he uses Baseball Mogul 2010, with statistics properly adjusted to reflect how everyone was playing at the time.


For a sample of how great this is, let me give you the start of Game 3. The series is tied 1-1, with the matchup being Mark Prior vs Pedro Martinez (!!!).


This is the pitching matchup we have been waiting for. For Boston, it's Pedro Martinez, arguably the best right-hander in the game...

For the Cubs, Mark Prior, the former top pick and 23-year-old fireballer.

McCarver: "What can we say about Prior? Plus pitches, flawless mechanics, everything you want. He'll be a star for the next 10-15 years."

Cubs lineup looks the same, except for Randall Simon, whose two huge pinch hits have made him a minor cult hero. He's the DH, batting 7th.

Boston puts David Ortiz back at DH, and Kevin Millar is back in the starting lineup at first, batting 6th.

We're ready to go at Fenway. Kenny Lofton standing in against Pedro Martinez.

And Pedro strikes him out looking. And we are off and running.

Nothing hard hit off Pedro in the first. 1-2-3 go the Cubs.

And Mark Prior answers by striking out the first batter HE faces. And the duel is on here in Boston.

And Prior strikes out the side in order in the first. He is really something, Tim. On to the 2nd...

Alou rips it to the wall in left... and the first hit off Martinez is a leadoff double here in the 2nd.

Randall Simon steps in with the runner at 2nd and 2 out... and pops it up weakly to short. No big hit this time. Halfway through 2, no score

Ramirez strikes out swinging. Mark Prior has struck out the first four batters he's faced here in game three.

...Ortiz manages to put one in play... but it's a routine fly ball to center. Prior is rolling.

Top 3rd, Gonzalez drills one into the right field corner... and for the second consecutive inning, the Cubs have a leadoff double.

Damian Miller flies out to right. Gonzalez tags and goes to third with one out... can the Cubs get one off Martinez?

Lofton to deep right... in play... for Nixon. Gonzalez will tag and score without a throw, and the Cubs are on the board first in game 3.

Prior back at it in the third. Nixon goes down looking. 5 strikeouts already.

And the first hit off Prior is an opposite-field double down the line by Jason Varitek. The Red Sox have a two out baserunner.

And Damon is caught looking! Strike three, Prior has six Ks through three innings. 1-0 Chicago, after 3.

I'll leave it at that. Baseball fans, go check out his full feed, take a look at games 1 and 2 while keeping an eye out for future games. Great, great stuff.

Photo credit: Scott Ableman

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