Execs and athletes should use Twitter to display unique expertise during broadcasts

Everyone who uses Twitter on a regular basis knows there are times when the service is at its peak, and times when it's not-so-great. In the middle of the afternoon, when you're just trying to bust out that proposal, it can be excess noise—entertaining and insightful noise—but still noise. However, during events, Twitter shows everyone why it's so amazing. I'm, of course, not speaking only to the natural disasters, Osama getting caught and whatnot, but just live sports broadcasts. It is then, when everyone is tuning into one single thing, that it turns into a true conversation and you can really determine an individual's insightfulness.

The other night, because of a tweet by SPORTSbyBROOKS, I came across arguably the best Twitter account to follow during the World Series. That'd be the man pictured above, Texas Rangers Senior Executive Vice President and former MLB catcher Jim Sundberg.

Sundberg usually keeps his tweets pretty concise, but during the Game 5 he demonstrated his unique expertise—as a former big league catcher Rangers exec—as much as anyone possibly could.

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