Timing and strategy of Ichiro trade underscores the constant influence of the casual fan

As a fan, I want to influence my team. I want to make them better. It isn't easy to do, it may well be impossible in most cases. And while I may be the minority, I can't be the only one who thinks that way, that maybe if I yell enough, try to explain the team enough to my circle of friends or even just nag enough on Twitter maybe it'll make the smallest of differences. But the thing is, it's never fans like us, the fans that want to, that actually make the difference.

As evidenced by this Ichiro trade, events that have happened throughout sports history and happen each and every day, most times it's the the casual fans who collectively hold the most influence.

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Could the Netflix approach save newspapers?

The Newsroom is my favorite show on television. I've watched since week one. This, despite the fact that I do not have HBO. No, like many other young people who want to see HBO's quality programming, I download it illegally on a weekly basis. I have yet to, like a few of my more-advanced peers, figure out how to do so automatically but manually torrenting it each week is much-preferred to paying for a basic cable package to start and then adding on whatever bundle includes HBO.

But this isn't a rant on the void of nonsense that is cable programming, instead an anecdote intended to underscore the point that if people are going to pay for something, they want value. They don't want to be forced into purchasing something above the price they deem it to be worth, especially in today's world when there are so many alternatives available.

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