Kobe's @nikebasketball Twitter takeover: A great model for teams to follow

I have long held the belief that companies are best-served in their social media use by having as many individuals in the organization effectively using Twitter and other outlets as possible—as opposed to focusing only on building a strong following through company-branded accounts.

Sports teams can be as engaging as they want, putting together as many contests they wish and even giving fans a great behind-the-scenes look at athletes when they're around, but it won't resonate nearly as much as multiple members of the team independently messing around on their smartphones, giving fans a window into their day-to-day lives and illuminating narratives that are eventually underscored during their on-field or on-court performances.

So it makes sense then that, because Kobe is an integral part of Nike Basketball, the team there wanted to ensure—and be a part of—Kobe Bryant's success in connecting with hoops fans on Twitter. But if we're looking to glean a bit of guidance from this, it's worth noting that the motives and the relationship here is similar to what we see between teams and athletes.

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