America Sportswriter

American Sportswriter designs, develops and markets engaging social community sites for sportswriters and professional teams nationwide.

American Sportswriter—whose past work includes The Grizzoulian, Northwest Diamond Notes and TrueHoop before it was eventually acquired by ESPN—is a division of LexBlog, which is the leading provider of professional blogs to the largest law firms in the world. LexBlog has helped over 8,000 law blog authors post to over 1,000 live law blogs. For a look at LexBlog’s work, see their blog portfolio.

We see ourselves as a long-term strategic partner integral to you and your blog’s development; we do not see ourselves as a vendor selling a commodity. The strategic fit has to be good for everyone. Our turnkey solution frees up the writer or writers to focus solely on posting to the blog.

What we offer includes:

  • Custom, personalized design and development of blog by American Sportswriter
  • One-on-one training that instills the confidence to:
    • Write effective blog posts
    • Optimize titles/tags/links for Google indexing/search results
    • Use American Sportswriter’s blog platform to fullest
    • Utilize multiple social media tools in a way that best promotes the blog and enables it to reach its potential
  • Ongoing search engine optimization
  • Analytics: who's coming to your blog from where and what are they reading (MINT)
  • Weekly calls with the professionals at American Sportswriter to discuss the progress of the blog and constant feedback on content

We aim to produce blogs and social media sites that build relationships and credibility, serving as leading sources of information on the web for the blog’s respective subject matter. We do this through exceptional design and development, informative training, ongoing support and continuous marketing and promotion.