UStream gives iPhone first live video broadcasting app

UStream has already made significant of headway in the world of sports, what with it being the host of Stephon Marbury's ridiculous 24-hour webcast and a live sports/COPS mash-up featuring JR Smith and Eddy Curry getting pulled over. The service has given professional athletes an unprecedented ability to connect with their fans. As of today, they'll now have the same opportunity on their iPhones.

The service has been available on Nokia phones since March but having it on the iPhone opens new opportunities: the iPhone took overtook Nokia for the overall market share leadership in the worldwide smartphone segment this summer.

While the first athlete to undertake the task while likely get more attention than anyone else in the sports world using the service, mobile broadcasting has the opportunity to be a phenomenal tool for sportswriters.

Where it's allowed, sportswriters could live broadcast interviews immediately following a game. While press conferences for big games are already broadcast live by media outlets, escaping the formality of a press conference allows a sportswriter to air interviews with whatever player they choose to speak with (not just stars, coaches), air the complete interview and ask more questions than they'd normally be allowed to. I've seen some reporters—Lakers writer Mike Trudell comes to mind—using Twitvid and Twitpic to provide readers with quick updates but live video brings a whole new dimension.