Mike McCarthy to show Packers fan-created YouTube video prior to Super Bowl XLV

Today is a big day. I'm a Packers fan and today we are playing in a Super Bowl. The last time this happened, I was 11 years old and John Elway helicoptered his way to a first down inside the 5-yard line that would seal a victory. Despite watching them win a title the previous year, I was crushed. I had to hide from sports coverage for weeks and when it did manage to jump out at me, I hoped it'd reveal that somehow on account of a technicality (Maybe all the Broncos were all on steroids...? Please? Anything?) the Packers would be awarded the Super Bowl. The only other pro team I followed at the time was the Chicago Bulls. I didn't know any better, I figured my teams only won titles and their best players were always named MVP.

It's been since those Bulls that any professional team of mine has played for a championship. As a result, I've been consuming any piece of Packers media I can find this week. That includes the following video put together by Michael Neelson of Madison and Austin-based Storyfirst Media.

While I caught the original video, produced in the lead-up to the NFC Championship Game, Michael has since updated it. Why? Because the Packers wanted to show it before the Super Bowl. When I saw this bit of news come across Twitter, I reached out to Michael to get the full story. And here that is:

So I made this video montage of all the highs and lows of the 2010 Green Bay Packers season just for the hell of it and posted it on one of my YouTube channels just prior to the NFC Title Game at Chicago. The YouTube channel is one I created to post fan reaction videos from a great little Packers bar in my current town of Austin, Texas called Billy's on Burnet.

Once I posted "'A Game of Inches' 2010 NFC Title Game", it got a ton of exposure over the social networks. But then I got one comment from a guy named Mike Stefan from Hartland, Wisconsin who said he was a friend of Donald Driver's. Apparently, he had seen the video, shown it to Driver, and Driver loved it. Driver showed it to Charles Woodson, one of the team captains, and Woodson loved it. Woodson brought it to Coach McCarthy, and he loved it, and somewhere along all this they decided that I should edit an updated version for the Super Bowl and they would show it to the team prior to the game to fire them up.

Now, I was skeptical at first. Very skeptical. You have people saying weird stuff and making outlandish claims all over the internet all the time with no evidence to back up their claims whatsoever. So before I was gonna put the time in to edit an updated version, I wanted to make sure this was legit. So I messaged Mike back and he sent me three photographs of himself and Driver, or "Quickie", as he calls him. Apparently he's known Driver since 1999 and has since become close friends with him. Anyway... I edited a new Super Bowl version together, posted it this morning, and now it's being passed around by people like Jason Wilde, Aaron Nagler and Lori Nickel. I had more Tweets in my inbox today than ever before.

Mike told me that he sent Driver the new link and all is set.

Michael also said it may be possible to get some kind photo or video evidence of it happening, and we'll see if that comes through. Because I trust people to not be horrible, and believe Mike Stefan exists after some quick Googling, I'm going to say this is pretty damn remarkable.

There's a lot of talk on how athletes are using social media to communicate with their fans, but sometimes it's just as great hearing things go the other way. I once got a Twitter mention from Talib Kweli. Making something that your favorite team will see before playing the most important game of their lives is just a little bit cooler.

Photo credit: elviskennedy

UPDATE: If someone could leave a comment letting me know where they saw this on Facebook or who sent it to them via email, that would be greatly appreciated. Seeing an uptick in response from those two places and would like to thank whoever caused it.