I am not an expert at this.

Those are humorous first words for the first post of this (resurrected) blog, but there they are. My audio editing training is limited to a half a semester in a course aimed at print journalism majors who, come senior year, figured they should know more than writing.

So I’ve been that guy reading the blog post on throwing together a podcast—and then done it and not embarrassed myself. After recently doing a little Facebook Live on the subject for LexBlog, I figured I may as well write it out.

That’s been in the form of a casual weekly show with my brother and also a more put-together operation with the general manager and radio broadcaster of my favorite baseball team, a podcast that eventually regular became a television show.

Aaaand it’s also been in the form of a 20-something-year-old me carrying a laptop and nothing else into the University of Montana athletic director’s office and just hitting record.

Lessons were learned. Here’s what I’ve got.

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