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Every anti-vax public figure should be skewered like Nick Rolovich

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September 13, 2021

The Washington State Cougars replaced Mike Leach as head football coach and it appears the politics of the position may have gotten worse. Truly, that’s an incredible feat—made all the more impressive by it being the state’s highest-paid position.

Hand it to Nick Rolovich, who sucks.

As many are likely aware, Rolovich is against being vaccinated. We found that out when he had to stay home from Pac-12 media day, an event requiring attendees receive their shot.

Unlike with many other figures in sports, this controversy hasn’t gone away. And that’s because journalists covering Wazzu just keep kicking his ass for it.

And it’s great.

Here’s the latest example:

Brenna Greene, Sports Director at KREM 2 NEWS in Spokane, has been all over this.

I actually meant to write about this way back at the end of August, but those on the beat have been so persistent, I got another crack at it.

The wild thing to me is—this is not the norm. We’ve seen time and time again a starting NFL quarterback or All-Star outfielder answer the question with a simple “Well I think that’s a personal decision,” and be allowed to go back their blissfully-idiotic recklessness.

There are key athletes missing games because they aren’t vaccinated, hurting their teams, turning their back on their clubhouses or locker rooms and it’s being treated as if it were a light hamstring strain. If anything, there’s less attention paid to it.

The complexities of beat reporting are tough, especially in markets where there isn’t a lot of competition and a public figure can, if they so desire, blow you off for making an example of them.

But someone needs to do it. Because it’s simple.

If these are your beliefs, if you are so steadfastly bound by them, if they are so immensely important to you, then grow up and say what they are.

Be a big boy and say what you believe, say what you think, say why those things are more important than your availability, than your team, than serving as role model now nearly two years into a pandemic that’s killed millions.

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